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Illuminate Foundation

Illuminate Foundation

We provide mental support & financial and legal assistance to Ukrainian children and adults due to their displacement from their homes or the danger they are experiencing caused by the Russian war on Ukraine.


The Way We Do It

Step #1. Therapy self-support groups.

We are forming self-support therapy groups facilitated and run by psychologists to help families, adults, and children find their strength and persevere through the dark times.

Ukrainians can attend sessions based on their locations, find the community and sense of belonging, receive professional psychological help, but most importantly - empower each other to take action and find their ways in a new circumstance.

Our target audiences:

  1. Families displaced by war internally or abroad. If you need help, please, fill in the form.
  2. If you are a Ukrainian volunteer and want to attend regular meetings with the psychologist, fill in the form here.

The groups are coordinated by the grassroots organization Pro.Svit, our partner in Ukraine.

Step #2. Financial and legal assistance.

Based on the therapy results in the self-support groups and needs assessment, we aim to provide legal and financial services to families.

Step #3. Replicating Ukrainian experience abroad.

After launching the program and self-support groups in Ukraine, we aim to partner with grassroots organizations working in the countries that became homes for Ukrainians by creating self-support groups, providing mentorship, and financial and legal support.