Gigi Marquez

Leidys Dayibis (Gigi) Márquez Suárez was born in Colombia, but has lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe.

Leidys completed her Communication and Journalism degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, UNAB in Colombia. Later, she led a prominent women’s publication at Galvis Ramirez Editorial. At 23, Leidys was granted the Luis Enrique Figueroa Rey award for her work as a community journalist, being one of the youngest professionals ever to receive this distinction in her category.

Leidys took writing courses in UC Berkeley and College of Marin while living in the Bay Area and went on to begin her journey in the Asian Social Sector. During her time as Communications and International Division lead, she represented the National Cancer Council of Malaysia in global policy making around healthcare and Cancer Control. She was selected as Malaysia’s representative for the organization of the  World Cancer Day campaign two years in a row, and was the appointed delegate for Malaysia within the United Nations Civil Societies.

Leidys Currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia, where she works as a Global Partnerships Manager in the Ed-Tech industry. Today, she is Co-Founder of Illuminate Foundation and The International Arts Society.